Soroll de Fons

Soroll de Fons

The noise invades us, it surrounds us creating a network that bursts with the slightest communications. It’s not a new thing in history, Seneca in his „Letters to Lucilio“ already tells us how annoyed he is to live in Rome because of the noise.

But perhaps what differentiates old times from the current ones, is the avalanche of interference that surrounds our lives, not only in the public environment, but also in the private environment. The cause is the so-called „information technologies,“ which are generators of interference and often make any message incomprehensible, saturating our ability to separate news from the surrounding noise.

In this exhibition we have asked nine artists to do a work that reminds us of this background noise in which we live, gathering in La Gray their approaches. Works that range from poetic and personal perspectives, to ironic and conceptual games about noise, making it the absolute protagonist of our room.

A sample that allows us to enter into creative worlds that are very different from one another, which forces us to consider the problems of contemporary society where what we feel is an indescribable mortar of noises.

Francesc Roig and Antonio Luque, curators of „Background noise“

Silence on Wheels

Noise could be defined as anything that disturbs the ear, or more precisely, any unwanted sound. It can also be defined as everything that distracts the attention of the individual.

The conceptual work „Silencio sobre Ruedas“ wants to create a counterpoint to noise and emerges as a need to isolate oneself from acoustic and visual contamination.

Silence needs a quiet environment, where the individual can calm down and get away from the annoying noises. It allows concentration and well-being, the approach to a religious or spiritual feeling, or the most intimate dialogue with oneself.

The soundproof mobile wooden box, with a simple and minimal structure, allows the viewer to place the head inside a circular opening. In the interior, the individual can find tranquility, serenity and calm or could even confront their own fears. „Silencio sobre Ruedas“ wants to offer for a brief moment, the viewer an interactive space to empty the mind of any background noise, sound manipulation or visual distractions. The wheels are a mobile element that interacts with the viewer’s perception, giving a sense of hope to those who seek a way to escape the „noise“ of everyday life.

Catalog for the exhibition. Visual and tactile concept and graphic design by Antonio Luque Avila