We are surrounded by screens and cameras; mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions. We can see what we want, when we want. Our television is fully a la carte in a personalized way. However, we see more telebasura than ever and we are increasingly locked in our virtual world, we show our lives to the world, telling advertisers our tastes with amazing ease, we have likes and friends that we will never meet personally.

The show does not stop, and almost without knowing how, we have become protagonists and consumers of our own televised shit.

Text: Antonio Luque, Editor of Corpus Delicti Magazine

Corpus Delicti expanded digital Format of the Magazine

Every day one billion people voluntarily stop paralyzing and manipulating their own imagination in front of a screen. It is a slow robbery, not visible, but silent. What are the consequences? considering that imagination is creativity, talent, ability?  T.Keis

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